What does that statement mean to you?  How are you doing this in your life?

For many years I was only putting years until life.  Living it the way society, and peires  told me to even though that was not who I was,  Can you identity with this.

I have been down  the the road of many ditches, and potholes, equaters, and felt like a lost soul in he’ll more than once.

I am looking for the readers that Looks at the glass half full, laughs at every chance they can, even at themselves. And gets out in life to LIVE, no matter your age, disability, and you know how to make the most out off everything.

I am now 63, my home is my truck and 23ft trailer, Palm springs, is my home till February 22, then I am off to house sit in Vegas for a month, yahoooooo a real bath tub, LOL.





When life gives you a second chance YOU pay attention. Now I stop to notice the simple and small or big pleasures in life.  You now see the single sunflower beside the hwy on the way to Kamloops BC.  A jackrabbit in the Vegas desert. Flying a kite on the beach’s of sanfransico, or Xmas treats on Castro street in Sanfransico. Have you ever seen a turtle fence along a hwy, LOL I have!  These and many more I would have missed if it had been about journey not the destination. Now I stop to enjoy every thing. How about you.






20171201_163328Did that get your attention, I hope so, as I am a beginner blogger and learning the ropes. Please hang in there as I hope to peak your interest,and keep you coming back for more.

That is how I think of myself, is a spirit in the sky. Now in my 60s I found that after a round in the ring with Leukemia (cancer), life puts you on a new road called living.

So now that’s who I am, living life. One of my trips in life was to experience an amazing sojourn to heaven and back, WOW what an eye opening experience, and life changer.

RVing, house sitting, photography, frugal living, exploring life, and now Blogging 101 is my new life.

You can experience this journey with me, laugh I hope, smile, cry, learn with me as I blog this trip.

Safe travels



Vegas here we come. Spent two months in Vegas then decided to take a house sit in kamloops to get aquinted with family and friends, and guess what, it snowed. Looking forward to warm weather again.  The life of a house sitter continues. It sure takes us to new places and beautiful landscapes. New friends.  Like Judie and Ian from Scotland,now added to our list of places to house sit. But fall in canada is beautiful.





House sitters on the go


Well i figured out how to get back on my blog. Lol

If any one tells you it is easy, run. Get help. I am not a sumantic learner. Or a good speller. Lol

Which means i have a hard time reading somthing and figuring out what they are saying. Lol

I can only laugh at myself. And move on. So hang in there. For those of you who can identify

NOW for the pictures. We have just spent the last few months in Vegas,house sitting. Then took on a house sit in kamloops. BC. Wow


We will be heading back south soon. Yahooo warmer weather.

I am hoping to keep up with a daily blog. As we learn about being frugal on the road. Where to park, eat, travel as our trip will take us back to Vegas.







Lovely Vancouver,  so many fun things to see ,walk around and discover people, art, music, I was sitting in the park and met the actors doing the exorcist TV series,  had some fantastic conversation, today find the piano,say tuned,pscott@uniserve.com Ralph can’t play, but he looks good in front,lol1503945924618-1055321529

Wow wow, blog boggling

Starting a new blog site is mind boggling, and if your not a techie,  even with word press help, (which is great). I don’t have the brain for this, it may take me a year or two, maybe three at the rate i am going to do this at my pace, lol

I am thinking of hiring a teen to help. Lol

Off course I want it to look spectacular, pictures and videos, and please God,  no over ride my spelling is bad enough, muffin and muffler, makes a difference when you are trying to be romantic with your man,   ( good day stud muffler) doesn’t quite work

And now am I going to show you all about my venture in house sitting,  rv travel in our 23 ft Creek side. Photos that could be mind blowing,(lol) and of course my humor in how I see the world.










Starting a blog, being a senior, (no excuse) and a not being technically savy,then there is overide, and computer language,  this may take me a while to get my page set up so I can share my travels, Housesitting, experience, and in general  LIFE!

Life has given me a lot to share, but does anyone want to hear, or listen, I could save you some bumps, and bangs, or not.

Maybe that’s your journey, but it is nice to have guidence

We, Ralph and Devetta have had many journey’s, now house sitting, living full time in our 23 foot Creekside trailer, experience life on the road, not to mention frugal spending.

So I hope you join us on our adventure, as we share our days, ups and downs,

MOSTLY UP, LOL  our humor may be a bit off from time to time. But hang in there ,we both have divergent minds,a trip all on its own.