What does that statement mean to you?  How are you doing this in your life?

For many years I was only putting years until life.  Living it the way society, and peires  told me to even though that was not who I was,  Can you identity with this.

I have been down  the the road of many ditches, and potholes, equaters, and felt like a lost soul in he’ll more than once.

I am looking for the readers that Looks at the glass half full, laughs at every chance they can, even at themselves. And gets out in life to LIVE, no matter your age, disability, and you know how to make the most out off everything.

I am now 63, my home is my truck and 23ft trailer, Palm springs, is my home till February 22, then I am off to house sit in Vegas for a month, yahoooooo a real bath tub, LOL.