20171201_163328Did that get your attention, I hope so, as I am a beginner blogger and learning the ropes. Please hang in there as I hope to peak your interest,and keep you coming back for more.

That is how I think of myself, is a spirit in the sky. Now in my 60s I found that after a round in the ring with Leukemia (cancer), life puts you on a new road called living.

So now that’s who I am, living life. One of my trips in life was to experience an amazing sojourn to heaven and back, WOW what an eye opening experience, and life changer.

RVing, house sitting, photography, frugal living, exploring life, and now Blogging 101 is my new life.

You can experience this journey with me, laugh I hope, smile, cry, learn with me as I blog this trip.

Safe travels